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Why Donate?

As local advocates, we have listened to our neighbors express feeling powerless to create change for their community due to the lack of public access to participate, availability of time to participate, and lack of fiscal resources to ensure our representatives are accountable to their constituency through every legal measure.


Your donation will be used to ensure every constituent voice is heard and equally represented in local government through education, advocacy, and litigation programs. The donation will ensure the average American family in the state of Florida will have access to legal defense of their Constitutional rights, the protection of open government laws, and access to evidence-based information regarding local issues providing power to those who feel powerless.

Join the Movement to ensure your Representation!
Donate to support our current legal action.

What is Your Donation Used For?

So, those are a lot of words but what does that mean? Your donation will go directly to pay for litigation to ensure we remain a government of the people, by the people, for the people.


Your donation will go directly to education programs providing you with direct evidence-based information for you to make a freely informed decision free of bias.


Your donation will go directly to advocacy based on organization goals.


10% of total donation will fund operations of the non-profit after litigation goal funding is met. That is .10 cents of every dollar will support contracted staff salaries, business compliance, and operations.


Where are we not spending money? We are a grassroots organization driven by hard-working average Americans who have donated their time and effort. We do not require an office building overhead or large staff. We are dedicated to the mission and our funding will be used for the mission.


You're Supporting This Important Work!

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